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The Snowshoe is as individual as snowflakes, no two are ever identical - the Snowshoe breed is one of the rare cat breeds of the world.

The combination of blue eyes, pointed pattern and white trim makes the Snowshoe unique amongst shorthaired cats. The ‘Preferred’ pattern is most striking, but very difficult to achieve.  Each kitten shows its own distinctive pattern, each having its own unique appeal. The coat is a single layer with no evidence of an undercoat and is usually smooth to the touch.

The Snowshoe personality is as unique as their appearance and is never boring. Generally a 'talker', with a soft, melodic voice - the Snowshoe normally habitats well in a multiple cat family. Almost all are inquisitive and active, offering many hours of delightful entertainment and a cat's lifetime of affectionate companionship.

Their temperament is described as ‘bombproof’ and indeed little seems to faze them. They are generally great extroverts at shows, revelling in the attention they receive. They love interactive play with their owners. Fishing rod toys are a great favourite, as are climbing frames, especially those that include a tunnel or hammock. They are quick, intelligent and love human company. They also readily accept other breeds of cats, dogs and of course children! The Snowshoe is truly the ideal all-round cat.


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